The name of the standard is long, but its purpose is far more direct … and impactful. Through June 12, 2012, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is accepting public comment on a draft of Life Cycle Assessment Methodology and Guidance for Establishing Public Declarations, Ratings and Claims (LEO-SCS-002), the latest effort to standardize a methodology for examining the environmental impacts of products, services, and systems from their resource extraction through end-of-life disposition.

The latest standard complements ISO 14044 and ISO 14025 standards for life cycle assessment and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), specifically offering more specific guidance for conducting life cycle impact assessments and Type III EPDs that feed into those ISO standards.

The standard affects stakeholders including product manufacturers, policymakers, and environmental advocacy groups, and eventually (ideally) will trickle down to homeowners to provide a clear picture of environmental impact toward more educated purchasing and disposal decisions.

The draft standard and comment forms are available online at: